Close to Midnight

There are a lot of stray cats in this snow area. One in particular I got used to seeing. I haven’t seen her in some time. Her name is Gracie. I wonder if I see her again if I should snatch her up, before she can take  off again, and make her a domesticated cat for now on.

Yesterday was Memorial Day. I stayed in bed, I ate brunch, I went for a walk, I saw my boyfriend, we walked around the local cemetery, I had icecream, I watched the third Back to the Future movie. I wore a blue dress and curled my hair. I prayed for the Lord’s will to be done, I kissed  Justin goodbye close to midnight, and then read chapter three of The Dark Half.

It was a normal day. With others before it. And more to come.

It’s strange, to be apart of. I don’t know if I’m grateful yet for it, or ready for shut down.

But I’ve got dinner waiting for me with my name on it.

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