One Step

Love has a funny way of showing up and saying,
You couldn’t ignore me if you tried.

Writing has been strange lately. As if there’s no fodder for it. But my life is not empty. It has its way. There is much to do, and no easy tasks for it. Desires beckon me forward, and so, that is the only direction to go.

I dreamed this morning I saw a friend of mine and I was explaining to her the meaning of Peter Pan. I told her, that Peter was without limits. Though a child, albeit permanently, would he ever take “no” for an answer? And the sadness he would feel when he would fly off, expecting others to follow suit, and they would not. Him, left alone, with his childishness.

It was a strange dream. But God is there, even in those.

Love has a funny way, of showing up.

It is on days like today where I find myself. She is there, this me. She looks at duplexes and townhouses in the area. She dreams of more space and marriage, which are two ideas very juxtaposed.

I don’t know. God is good?

Yes. Yes He is.

Love has a way.

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Look, the World has Gone After Him

I’ve  been thinking a lot about how we say God gives and takes away.

We focus on how God, in his almighty power, has the right. He has the right to take what He thinks doesn’t belong out of your life. We solemnly agree. Yes, God is just.

But like, I just don’t think we’re really getting it.

God gives, man. Like, he really gives. He gives and gives and gives.

And we, all like sheep, have gone astray.

God, how have I lost sight of it?

You know it used to be, about a year or so ago, I could take my makeup off for the day and look like a child.

When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I did childish things.

Now when I wake up tomorrow and I am bright-eyed and bushy tailed and decide to go natural for the day, I’ll see it. Or rather, I won’t see it. The child’s face looking back at me in the mirror.

We all, like sheep, have gone astray.


Well Wishers

When Jesus spoke to the woman by the well there was this beautiful progression of thought within their

“Sir, I perceive you are a prophet.”

First, she had a perception. An idea. Of who this man was, and why he was here. The mystery that provoked.

“I know,” she said.

“I know when the Messiah gets here, I’ll be okay.”

So then she had a knowing. First she perceived, and then she knew. Do you understand?

She went home and left the water behind. Why did she leave it?
Was she excited when He said, “I am He”?

She abandoned the reason she went to the well in the first place.

It just wasn’t important any more.
It just held no value.
That water in the well, well damn, it would figure itself out.

I perceive you are a prophet, Sir.