Cheap, Green Velvet Couch

These are the things I love about being 27.

I love not being pregnant. I love that people ask my mom if she’s a grandmother, and her response when they ask. I love reading books. I love reading really good books until 2 a.m. and really GREAT books until 3 a.m. I love sleeping till noon, and spending the day in my pajamas, no bra, no makeup. I love being able to rub my eyes of all the crust that encompasses them on a weekly basis. I love making plans I don’t keep—yep, I’m flaky as a butter croissant.

I love sex. It’s great.

I love reading a book while simultaneously watching my husband play Red Dead and yell at our TV.  I love cuddling our cats on our cheap, green, velvet couch. I love days I get to visit my mom and complain about all the things in my life I don’t try to change.

I love it when God talks to me, when He answers my prayers, when He gives me a second glance, when I am far from worthy of His attention.

I love watching Sunday specials with Ben Shapiro with my husband….once more, on my cheap, green velvet couch.

I do not love:

  1. Missing my dad.
  2. Watching my dearest cat’s health deteriorate.
  3. Having less money.
  4. Having less money without a budget.
  5. Being overweight.

I do not love NOT being missed. I do not love the passage of time, the fear of the inevitable fact that none of us escape this life alive. I don’t love lying awake at night WITHOUT closure over certain events in my life. I don’t love my cheap, green velvet couch. It’s from Walmart. It’s cheap. It makes my butt sore.

But I love my life.

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