The Laws of Others

This week was my husband’s birthday. It got me thinking how often times, I think we use a person’s birthday to gratify ourselves. How can I show this person I love him, in a very exaggerated way, that’s over the top, that will really impress upon him that this IS his birthday, in case he forgot?

Food for thought, I guess. Maybe the over the top things make us feel better about us. That we are more worthy to love because of it, or liberated from the judgments of others.

Or, I just really want you to have an awesome birthday. Maybe its a little bit of both.

J and I have gotten to spend the last couple days together and it keeps hitting me, with the same result each time, the awe and wow and oh goodness–we don’t have any obligations!! There’s nowhere we have to be. No alarms going off in the morning. No bedtimes. No need to put makeup on (for me, not him) because hey, its just the two of us, and if he hasn’t seen me without makeup by now, we’re in trouble.

I’m grateful for this sunshiney day and I’m grateful for all 4 of our animals being happy and healthy. I’m grateful for the transaction being approved for my Victoria’s Secret goodies, and grateful for the taste of the oatmeal I made this morning. I’m grateful for another month’s rent being paid, and another month of Netflix.

Sometimes its nice to just pause. I’m not trying to accomplish anything or be noticed by anyone. I would like to just hide in the arms of my friend and not think about anything. No news, is my news. Do you ever wish reality was more like that?

You could get together with friends and when they ask you what’s new you could tell them the truth. Well, nothing really. I played an indie game this weekend and had sex, ordered some Doordash, and went along my merry way. Why is this not news?

Why does news classify as who is having what baby and how far along is she and how much money did he get in his raise and what about Michelle and Mark and the car they just bought and how much room is in the back of it, so much room they can fit ALL the stuff they just bought at Costco to donate to the church for that one thing.

On J’s birthday it rained. Rained and rained and rained. Such a downpour. I think J would have just treated it like a normal day, if we didn’t treat it otherwise.

Oh how things are left to the laws of other people.

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