Things I Learned From Mom and My Valentine

Since I moved into my own apartment with Justin, I feel like I’m constantly, consciously remembering all the tips my mom gave me growing up. Here’s some stuff my mom’s given me over the years, along with some of Toni (my m-in-law)’s stuff as well. 🙂

  • Don’t leave the house without a sweater. Admittedly, I haven’t been following this one too well lately. I seem to keep leaving the house without a sweater or, wearing a shrug that doesn’t suffice, and being cold anyway. Or I leave my coat in one of the exam rooms at work like I did tonight. And I’m driving home coat-less wondering why I’m cold…sigh. You taught me better mom!
  • Use your crockpot. Ok, ok. I’m not so good at this, Toni. I know it’s supposed to do everything for me as I go to work during the day and simplify my life by making me work less but somehow I always burn what’s in the actual pot and end up spending what feels like a million years scrubbing said pot so instead of spending a million years cooking I did it doing dishes……which is like 10x worse that actual cooking. I need some practice here. Maybe less cook time?
  • Don’t brush your teeth with a brick.-MOM
  • Don’t put hot food in the fridge.-Toni
  • Some things that kill a relationship. Time, physical distance, betrayal. Any one of the three or a combination thereof can really change the relationship between two people. Mom, you were right.
  • Do a load of laundry every day and you’ll never have an overflowing basket. -MOM
  • Try not to do cloth diapers IF you can help it.-Toni
  • Focus on the positive.-MOM

I probably should have saved these tidbits for a Mother’s Day post, but oh well, I thought I should share it now.

My Valentine is at work this evening. He works so hard at keeping a roof over our heads. On a normal day he gets off work and comes home, puts the dogs out, and feeds the cats. He spends time with each animal, and goes about his day. He plays video games and talks to his friends. He worries about work, and wonders if he’s good enough. I get home and he greets me first with a hug. He asks me how my day was. I bitch about this and that and he listens and adds funny comments. We listen to the news together. Justin jokes about leftists. We listen to music together. We slow dance, and then we kiss. He helps me put dinner dishes away. We might Netflix something, or we might go our separate ways. I’ll work on my Dean Koontz and he’ll go back to a game. We’ll meet in bed by 11 p.m. at the latest and talk about what the next day will bring.

I’m so grateful for this life! I know it might seem simplistic to somebody else. Maybe reading that was an utter snooze. But it’s so nice to be happy.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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