All the Things

Halloween came and went, and Justin and I didn’t get any trick-or-treaters this year. I think this was our first Halloween at home, watching a Vincent Price movie, eating cookie dough. Justin fell asleep partially on my side, Ruby on my other side. I looked up fun facts about Mr. Price the closer the movie got to its creepy ending. We watched House of Wax.

Yesterday was an easy rainy day. My prayer life feels a little lacking lately but on my way home from my half day at work, I was thanking God for all the things in my life. I was thanking him for being off early, the overcast weather, the luxury of going into El Dorado Hills to see my in-laws and eat dinner with them. Watch Big Bang Theory and eat icecream sundaes. Watching the rise and fall of my husband’s chest on the couch. God is very good to me! I’m just not good at acknowledging it all the time. But I know God sees my heart and understands when I’m caught up in all the poopy stuff.

Justin and I were playing with our dogs the other day in the living room. It was raining out and I wanted them to be able to burn off some energy in-doors. We got to talking about how dogs are color blind, and for whatever reason, I’d forgotten this. So I looked at my dogs and said, you guys really can’t see in color? They just wagged their tails and  went from one toy to the next.

How can anyone live, simply seeing in black and white? How can you know someone if you don’t see all their colors? I asked Justin this, overthinking it way more than I should. But then I got to thinking some more–

What about all the things we do not see? All the things we do not see in another person.

A woman got upset with me last weekend at work. Her lenses in her frames weren’t functioning correctly and she was pissed. She said her backup glasses were no good, she needed new lenses now. I let her know that wasn’t possible. Her scrip was crazy high–even with me expediting the order, we’d still be looking at a few days for new lenses. She said this was unacceptable, threw her glasses on my table, and burst into tears. When she left she yelled out: “This sucks!”

I felt inadequate for sure.

She came back this week for her new lenses. When I saw her, I went and hid in our lab, and asked the other optician I work with to help her. I explained that although I wasn’t unwilling to assist her,  I didn’t think I was the person for the job. However, shortly after I said this, the front desk associate came and got me and told me that this woman wanted help from me specifically. There was no way around it! I had to face her.

Before I could even sit down with her, she did the unthinkable. No, she didn’t yell, kick, or scream. She brought me into an embrace. Not an overly warm embrace, but an embrace nevertheless. She apologized for her behavior and said that last weekend, in the moment, I was just a face. 

All the things we do not see.

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