I believe some people, even though they claim to be God lovers, only really want to be with other people just like them. Just as they are. No differences between them.

Then you have other people who want to love the broken and the lost, even though they don’t have a lot in common with each other.

Both sets of people love God. It’s not a question of that. But the love gets lived out differently.

I really hope I can be the latter. I hope I can be like my mommy.

So in around 100 days-ish I will be married. It’s starting to sink in more and to be honest, I am getting more excited for Disneyland. I hope Jessica Rabbit is there. After all, she is my counterpart.

I was reading about the Passover last night before bed. In II Chronicles it says that the Jews had given up celebrating Passover for awhile, so when they started doing it again, there was a whole lot of cleansing that needed to be done. People were showing up for Passover dinner in an unholy state, and that needed to be fixed stat. For the folks attending who were considered to be unholyish, a special prayer was said for them. Essentially they were being petitioned for.

The people loved doing Passover so much that they decided, never again would they go so long without celebrating it, and instead, they extended their celebration. If only to be closer to God.

When I read things like this I can’t help but wonder if God was more happy that his people were setting themselves apart for his sake, or just happy that they were all showing up for Him period? Dirty and clean and pseudo clean and kind of just touched the hand sanitizer clean and so on and so on.

Some times I wonder if we’ve really lost sight of it. I’m not saying God doesn’t want us clean and purified before him. But I think we’ve lost sight of what really matters. Coming to him in the first place. Not putting him off. Making excuses as to why we can’t.

Well, I haven’t showered yet God. Sorry. You know, gotta handle that first.

Just food for thought.


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