Today is a cold day. I get to relax and pick at my nails, cook bacon, and play around on my phone. Not necessarily in that order. Everyone I know is working today so I have an opportunity to slow down and collect myself. I seem to be quite the collector.

I had a gentleman come in with his daughter where I work and I’ve helped him out before. his daughter was looking around at glasses and she said Dad, what should I pick? And he said, well, I’m having a hard time helping you out because I think you look cute in every one of them.

Not every dad is like that these days. But this dad was, and my dad is.

When I was processing an order for the two of them the gentleman sat there humming softly. My dad does that too. If he has to wait for an extended period of time he will just sit there and hum away.

I miss my dad. Sometimes you feel far from someone even when you see them every day. You can be sitting on the couch with your significant other or a friend and still wonder what are they thinking about and where are they at? They might as well be in Egypt or Nebraska. Then there are times when someone feels far away simply because of the mileage factor. My dad lives 10 hours from me.

I was sitting there at work last night after 7 p.m. thinking okay, how long would it take me to drive if I just took off when I get off in an hour? How long would it take me to get to dad? And how long would it take me to come back?

But I am not a risk taker. I’m not like my mom, or my sister, or even Justin. Risks just aren’t my thing. And so I went home, played a video game, ate some Hostess cupcakes with my man, then went to bed after surfing the web and looking at more makeup that I don’t need.

Justin was here a few nights ago. It was a work week and the later it got the more sleepy I became. I laid on the couch and threatened to fart when Justin creeped closer to me and when he came he tickled me to the point I couldn’t breathe but could only laugh and laugh and laugh.

Recount the days you’re happy.

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