Things I Learned From My Boss

Life has been full of big, gooey, fat fistfuls of tears lately.

I say things I learned from my boss, even though to be truthful, I am still learning. Here they are.

1. It’s never the wrong time for an Icee.

2. Repairs can wait.

3. The deepest pain on this side of heaven, is the absence of another body.

4. The greatest gift you can give another person is your belief in them.

5.  Throw me to the wolves, but I will return. And when I do, I will lead the pack.

Do you know that not one sparrow falls without Him knowing? I take comfort in this now, even now. Not one. Not one. Repeat that to yourself, until you know it.

There is a time, I believe, in every woman’s life. A time where she realizes it is not about those who didn’t believe in her, but rather, those she never believed in.

Those opportunities, once they are gone, do not always come back. You reach a point where that hits you, whether you are  23 or 47 or 35.

I don’t believe in wishing. Wishes are for children. But just this once, I wish. You know how you can send someone to the store for icecream, and they bring it back like, ASAP because hello it’s icecream and you need that shit and two because it’s really a simple thing to just send someone to the store for you and owe them like, five bucks.

I wish we could do that with people.

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