The insides of my ears have been itching, my eardrums. So it is with allergy season, and the summer with it.

It’s hard to believe that as quickly as next month I will be 23. So much has happened from the beginning, and so much still to come. I am in a funny spot in life. I won’t know where the road is taking me until I’m off the road and out at sea somewhere. So my life has always been, and I do not regret this.

I have struggled with finding a church I like since I moved here. But it occurred to me rather swiftly–

This city is my church.

Do you understand?

The place where we gather to worship and pray. The place where I petition my hopes and dreams. Marriage, babies, ministry. Deepness calling out to another person’s deepness. The place where we call souls to know peace, and gather towards the Savior.

This city is my church.

It’s Sacramento.

And so, 23 isn’t looking so bad.

I Corinthians 14:33

For God is not the author of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches of the saints.

One thought on “Church

  1. Life is interesting in your 20s .. your in this weird transitioning phase where you’re drifting away from your youth, but still trying to find yourself and where you fit in the world you know? It’s overwhelming at times. I’m 25, and I still feel so unsure of myself lol. But it’s wonderful at the same time though, because you discover so much about yourself, and life, and love and all that crap 🙂 so basically, all the worry and wonder and confusion and excitement send you on a damn roller coaster ride…and all of this craziness eventually just makes your head explode 😝 Yeahh.. I know the struggle hunn😉❤️


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