The Human Condition

We live in this society where we long to be busy. You want to be busy at your business (duh) and you want to be busy with your social life. On the go, let’s go. Any time, hopefully all the time. I like to be busy too. About my Father’s business. About my own business. I like to be fluid, like water. Moving this way and that. And I don’t like change, though it seems to always be happening. 

I kinda feel like, so many of us want these busy lives, and yet, we’re not sure we really want the busyness. Does that make any sense?

Like, we wanna say we lived it because we did, but we don’t actually want to make the effort. We don’t know what we’re doing. Not one bit of an idea. It’s all speculation, educated guesses. But we want to be busy.

Are you picking up what I’m putting down here?

Now that I’m older some times I’ll watch my mom put her makeup on and basically get ready for the day. I took makeup artistry courses, so it’s interesting to see how someone does something compared to how you would do it, yourself. Yes, that’s how you do it, just like that. Or no, well. I would have done that differently. It’s the idea in my brain manifesting itself against what is. Even though what is, isn’t wrong. Understand?

And it gets me thinking. You know we all have a different process of getting where it is we need to go. That’s the human condition.

We’re all working towards IT.

It’s a busy process, regardless of the result.

So go do shit.

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