Stranger things have happened.

I’ve  been hearing that over and over again for weeks now.

What if you got all that you hoped, dreamed, and prayed for on a daily  basis? Well, stranger things have happened.

And what if you didn’t? Stranger things have happened.

I kind of think Christians and non-Christians alike, let’s call them humans for the sake of argument, reach this place where they sorta peak out. You know the spot. You get there and your eyes get all misty and you just kinda give up. I think sometimes we bring ourselves to that place because, you know and I know that the only thing you will make time for is the thing you make time for.

Radical thinking, I know. Chew on that one.

But really. I also think that sometimes God brings us to a place where we give it all up. The dreams. Not because he is better, though he is. But because if we don’t give up, well, we miss it. I miss it.

I miss the point.

Happiness holds no value or treasured position in your heart if you have not known sadness.

But sometimes. Sometimes, man. You are not sad. You are not happy. You are in a haze. You’re no longer wishing and no longer waiting. You are not a beloved afterthought, but the man’s ever waking thought.

Stranger things have happened.

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