Believe in that Woman

I think I think  (yeah, that’s  a mouthful) that a lot of us say we want to be found as we are when in reality we want to be found as we’re not.

Huh? What does that mean?

You’re  not a princess. Or a warrior. Or a warrior princess.

But you want to be. Don’t you? Or at least thought of as one. I mean, the actual job title might be a lot to measure up to.

While I lived in San Diego I took the same road to get to work consistently. I never took another road, I only took the one. And on this particular road, I not being the only one who perceived it, there was this one spike in the road that all drivers tried to avoid when bypassing this lane. There would be a string of cars in front of me I’d literally see curve in front of me in a U-like fashion, just to avoid this spike in the road. I followed suit. We all did it.

In a similar fashion, it’s always when I’m doing this one optical repair I hold my miniature screwdriver in such a way that I have a permanent hole in my hand from where I repeatedly stab myself in this one spot.

Could I hold the screwdriver differently? Sure.
Could someone remove the damn spike in the road? Yeah sure.

But I want you to see me as I’m not.

I want you to hear me, as I am.

And then I want to salvage the two.

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