There’s  this patient that comes in right?

He filled a prescription with us quite recently, not even a month ago. Every time I see him he has a new bone to pick with his glasses.
The core issue?

“I should’ve just bought a new frame,” he says “instead of using my old one.”

Shoulda woulda coulda. But really! What a fussy little man, I think to myself. So much regret over such a small thing. So much angst. The same ground we cover again and again and again. Yes, you should’ve  gotten a new frame. But you didn’t. 

But you didn’t.

So I’ve  been thinking off and on all day. About these little regrets we carry with us throughout  the store. How even a bunch of tiny little regrets like this one can weigh just as much as one big one, if only we give it enough thought.

Consumption of the mind.

I was washing dishes earlier today, quite in a hurry. I mean, dishes man. Enough said. But as I was finishing up draining the sink I kind of told myself:

Don’t forget to empty the coffee grinder. For the love of God don’t  forget to empty the coffee grinder.

So I didn’t.  I really didn’t.  Because in the process of doing such I ended up spilling the grounds right onto the floor and missing the garbage can by a good twenty feet or so.

I grabbed the broom and dustpan in a huff and just stopped.
I thought of that pointless, tiny, little shell of a man.

And I cried.

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