Have Dinner With Me

I was in the Word recently and I read something I thought was cool.

When Jesus is being delivered into his persecution, he first wants to have dinner with his disciples, aka Passover. Eat with me, he says–but first do this.

Prepare the way for me.

And the disciples are kind of just like, well ok Jesus, sure. How do we prepare Passover for you?

And Jesus tells them when they enter in to the next place they will not only be looking for a specific man doing a specific thing, but also that this specific man would be looking for them.

They were to keep their eyes peeled like onions looking for a man carrying a jar of water. To us this is no big deal right? It seems pretty ever day. But in the day and age of Jesus, the ones who brought the water from here to there were the women. It seems kind of sketch–but stay with me for a second. When Moses met his wife in the Old Testament, what was she doing? She was carrying water, by the well. When Jesus met up with the Samaritan woman, what was she doing? She was lugging water, too.

So the disciples would look for this man doing something out of the norm, and if there was any worry on their part like oh oh–Jesus, what if we can’t find him? There’d be no need to worry because once again, this man would be looking for them too.

And once they encountered this man, he would lead them directly to the place of Passover. They’d arrive there and lo’, the place would be private, and out of the way, and furnished, and perfect.


Because Jesus said–

Have dinner with me.

Merry Christmas!

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