Turn Aside

Part of being an adult is–

I already hate the beginning of that sentence. Like, who really wants to consider herself an adult? I know I don’t. Adults are boring and tasteless. But what I hate more than actually being an adult is the limitations that come with it. All the stop signs. And I know no one wants to think of themselves as being limited, and I know as Christians we like to think especially that we have absolutely NO limits at all because our God is limitless. But the older I get, the more I know my limits.

I feel like when I want to paint a picture I return to the stories of when I was a camp counsellor. I think I do that because that was a time I learned a lot, and struggled, and loved, and grew like a tree by the water who in seasons of drought did not wither. When I was a counsellor we were challenged to do this tight rope challenge. We had to walk across this rope roughly a million billion feet in the air from one tree to the next, nothing but open air beneath you. When it was my turn to give it a try–of course I waited until the end to go–I legitimately burst into tears.

I was a teenager here.

Now I’m in my 20’s and my limits are a little different. It’s not that pure, unblemished fear. It’s rather different.

Don’t go there. Turn aside.

It’s THOSE. It’s a lurking invitation. It’s a closed, locked door easily opened with a butter knife.

Do you understand the difference?

I cannot. I cannot.

Don’t go there. Turn aside.

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