Watch the Dark

I heard this quote in college I really liked and kind of never forgot it:

“Good, better, best. I never let it rest. Until my good, is better. And my better, best.”

I forget where I was or how I heard it, but it was definitely in the college years.

If I can be honest, for a second, which is going to be hard, even on my own blog, I’ve been lonely for awhile now. All the actions I’ve taken have been to make that lonely less lonely. And none of those things have really worked.

Sometimes having a good time is just something we say were doing when, that’s just something to call it.

I’ve heard so much about trials and growing and how beautiful flowers only grow in deep, deep trenches of dirt and how when you’re going through the fire this _____ happens and analogy after analogy and it’s just like, I don’t care any more. I don’t care any more about my good better best.

Because sometimes, whether you’re in transition and you’re going from one place to the next or you’re deeply rooted in the place you’re in and you’re not going anywhere, this crazy idea still holds–

you just need time. Not to figure things out, or discover who you are,or what it is you think you want. In the not-so-deepest part of you, you know who you are and you already know what you want.

You just need the time. Not to improve your good, better, best. You just need the time.

My God, you see, He is a God of time.

Time to kiss and breathe and breathe in kisses. Time to write and suck at writing and time to fail tests and then pass them.

Time to watch the dark.

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