It Never Hurt Anyone

“You gotta get it, while the gettins’ good,”

comes to mind right now. Don’t ask me why, I have no idea, but there it is.

A friend told me recently to “do something fun” and I realized, it’s possible I may be so intense and going so hard right now that I’m not sure what fun is. I mean, I have some ideas. I feel like fun would be seeing the ninja turtles movie, and sneaking Carl’s Jr. in my purse. Fun might be jumping off the cliffs over at Sunset Cliffs, right by the water. Fun might include a person, place, or thing. Or it might just be a state of mind.

Are you having fun yet? Are you gettin’ it while the gettins’ good?

I mean what is life really all about if we are not having any fun in between all the going to work and paying bills and sleeping in and listening to people argue. That’s not a question, more like a rhetorical thought.

I’m getting ready to watch a 2 part mini-series about Harry Houdini on the History channel with my little cousin. No, he’s not so little any more, and I have said that before and I’m just repeating myself for no reason.

I wonder if when Jesus was alive if He had anything fun He liked to do. Was it really just all retreating to desolate places and praying but then not getting to pray because He had to heal somebody who needed healin’ and then when He wasn’t healin’ He was walking to the next town over to eat in a stranger’s home and then do it all again the next day? I mean like, what about everything else?

What if He liked skinny-dipping in the moonlight? Or staying up late and making Indian calls with his disciples? Maybe they had their own version of Jenga back then. I don’t know.

But my point is this–

Are you having fun yet?

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