Do This Not That

In the book of Mark it talks about how, as Jesus hung on the cross those that looked from the ground said something along the lines of,

“Oh, if only He saved himself right now, then I would believe He is the Son of God.”

They wanted Jesus to do one more thing then one more thing then one more thing after that, to prove who He was. I am not so sure that even if Jesus met this to-do list that they would’ve believed Him anyway. I mean, I have lists too. Sometimes I find myself thinking,

“Oh, Lord. If I wasn’t alone any more and just one person made me feel special, then I would be okay. Then I’d believe in you some more. Maybe if I could believe in you, I could believe in me, too. Lord, you know how when you meet someone and you had no idea you were looking for them until you met them? That person. If I knew them, I’d believe you, like for sure.”

But would I really? What I believe right now is what I believe right now. This is it.

“If you get yourself off that cross right now, I will believe Jesus, I really will.”

Will you?

Likewise, when one of Jesus’ followers approached Pontius Pilate, desiring to collect Jesus’ dead body, the Word says that Pilate was “surprised” Jesus was dead. Oh, so He DID die. Well, shit. I didn’t see that one coming.

Pilate was surprised Jesus was dead. Would he be surprised at his death if he thought Jesus was just an every day guy? No. Every day men died all the time. They still do. He believed in Jesus, sure. But it didn’t define his life in any way shape or form. We could say this is because Pilate didn’t believe in himself, but I believe it goes beyond that. I don’t believe Pilate believed he was a good a man, even though Jesus made Him feel like he could be. If you don’t believe you are who the Lord says you are, then who are you really? Like, do you even know?

Do you know who you are?

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