The Eye

I’ve been feeling a bit MIA lately regarding blogging and all creative things.

One of the things I’ve come across in my studies of the eyeball lately which I think is so cool is this “miracle of sight” which we all seem to have. In the ABO study guide for opticians, it talks about how it is legitimately a miracle that any of us can see at all because eyeballs are not like the rest of our body–pumping blood and oxygen, with all that valve-y stuff. Basically, when it comes to the eye, scientists are like,

“Well, we got nothing. It just is and we just are.”

You can’t explain a miracle.

The other interesting tidbit to note about the eye is that it will do all these different things to try and repair itself, for YOUR benefit. You know how when bones break, the bones will just heal over time? Yeah you can go to the doc but what is he basically going to tell you to do? Give it time to heal itself. Eyes are similar. If your eyes fail to create fusion–where two images come together to create one–one eye will literally shut itself down just to give its power to the other eye, to save you from seeing double.

The body wants to heal.

So I’ve been thinking about this and all the stupid shit I make time to do in a week and how overwhelming it is sometimes just to be alive and how really, if you want to be frank then I will be earnest for a second, ok?–

All kinds of people follow the Lord.

Even me.

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