Bats’ Wings

The coffee pot was percolating earlier and I was thinking,

“ok, now is a good time to go and write,”

but it didn’t happen. I’m here now, watching the Hobbit and trying to stay awake.

My mom told me that in order for she and dad to get me to start walking as a baby they had to bribe me with a piece of chocolate.

“Little girl, if you want this chocolate, you can walk for it.”

My birthday is tomorrow and without meaning to write some boring reflective and dippy piece about my life thus far and what’s happened and what hasn’t and who I am and what the meaning of life is–the chocolate story sums it up nicely. My dad was holding me up so I had my balance and mom was standing across from me and she had the chocolate and man, I let go of dad and I went for it.

Life has been like that ever since. I see it, I take it. I’m steadily realizing that the things I take cannot be taken without the Lord first giving them to me. My birthday is tomorrow, and I want to share a thought.

When it finds me, I am talking to a friend. I have a cup in my hand, some drink or another. I am full of laughter. It taps me on the shoulder,

“Oh there you are!”

That’s what I say to it. Oh, there you are.

So it is, with love.

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