10:30 pm

And if you are home by 10:30 p.m, what then does that mean?

Does it mean your life is boring and your friends are few? Does it mean you don’t know fun or what it is to be free and sadistic and contrary?

Often we find out what something means by what it does not mean.

Here are 5 life lessons I want to present on my blog, as we head into summer. Thank you fall, winter, and spring!

1. Yes. Yes, Tapatio does go on everything.

2. Belgian beers are good. Ales are good. Vodka cranberries are very good. Mix them together. They are not good.

3. You will love again. You were meant to, whether you like it or not. You’re not exempt from your godly calling to love.

4. Wisdom teeth and chronic back pain are NOT reasons enough to say this is a shitty life.

5.  Change is coming. It’s already started.

I was home by 10:30 last night.  So what? It’s not a bad life. Or, rather, if it is a bad life, that’s not the reason why.  If you’re home early that is not a bad testament.

If you walk around acting like you own the place, even if you don’t, you do. Why?

Sooner or later people start to believe that you do, simply because you believe you do.

Do you believe?

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