Moving On

I feel as though everything I look at turns to salt these days. Maybe it’s only a matter of time before I become salt, too.

Pardon my Old Testament reference.

I’ve been turning over stones left and right to find nothing but worms and dirt beneath them. My attempts at publishing so far this year have been futile. My make-up artistry class, which I’ve essentially been planning my life around for the past couple months, has been canceled due to low enrollment. I’m on the re-schedule list.

Ok God, what gives?

I was studying the Word the other day and the thought occurred to me how often I ask God to make all dreams come true. For me, for the people I love. God, just make those dreams come true. Fulfill all. I thought about how I ask this and suddenly it became so stupid to me.

The idea of how God can make my dreams come true is not stupid to me. The how is irrelevant. Of course He can do it. That’s not the question.

But what is the point of asking God to make your dreams come true, when you have none?

Do you see where I’m going with this?

And the thought occurred to me, loud and clear, kind of like a gunshot in the distance.

I will begin to dream again. And you know what?

So will you.

We are not meant to pay for the transgressions of others.

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