On days like today I wake up and it’s overcast outside, I cook my oatmeal and grab my coffee and just wait.

I’m not sure what I’m waiting for. A line I’ve heard over and over again in my head this past week is,

“Wait in that space.”

But Lord, wait for what? I wonder…

I wake up. It’s overcast outside. I cook my oatmeal, grab my coffee. Exercise, fold my laundry, make my bed. Shower. Go to work. Come home. Work on my Bible study. Watch Game of Thrones. Hop into bed. I wake up.

In the midst of the normalcy if that’s what we want to call it I find myself longing for things I used to want. I guess in that sense, I never stopped wanting them. But I don’t believe that even one believer comes to the Lord without baggage, or without dreaming of the life before.

It’s a new day. Unfortunately (fortunately) anything can happen. While this day does not carry with it pot or pancakes or the promise of an eventful evening, I’m okay. Really.

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