Be My Frankenstein

I’m one of those people who is always lonely, to be frank, because I’m a bit of a loner. That being said, I really did enjoy my time traveling this past week.

I took the train up to Folsom to go see my mom. I think God kept making the effort to talk to me while all I was thinking was, “Can I just be there already? Sure California drought is gorgeous and all but so is my mom.”

I keep feeling like something in me has changed but I haven’t been able to put my fingers on what that is. Yes, fingers, because who would put just one finger on something? But anywho–it’s not the clothes I wear or my desperate desire to love and be loved. It’s not my calling to be a make-up artist or a soup connoisseur.

Do you know that in the Bible the word charity and the word love are basically interchangeable? I didn’t think so but apparently there you go. I think God’s been pretty charitable with me, lately. No one likes to be thought of like a charity case but you know with God I kind of don’t mind.

I was sitting downstairs in the lounge of the train watching everything outside just pass me by. Me, pass it by. You know?

I’d never felt so lonely. I’d never felt so peaceful.

I’ve been living life like the sky is going to swallow me whole but I’ve had it backwards. I’m the one who’s meant to swallow the sky. Do you follow me?

Something’s changed. It’s not the Diet Coke t-shirt. Or the memory foam pillow.

The clock’s ticking, in a good way.

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