Some Days

You just need a day.

Today I thought of everything. And nothing.

I stayed in pajamas. I cooked. I came back down to earth and realized some truths about me.

That I am not pretty. I am not social.

But I am still loved by those who love me.

I witnessed a strange thing on my way to the bank today. There was a homeless man with a sign that said: “It’s ok to smile :)” and I got to thinking. You know it’s hard enough for us to look one another in the eye. It’s even harder to look homeless people–anyone in need, really–in the eye. But I don’t want to be like that. When I look at people I want to really look at them.

For the rest of the day I thought of marriage to one in particular. I thought of owning a tambourine. I found this picture:

I look at it and I think how incredible it is. Then I wondered, what’s the story behind it? I bet it’s romantic. Ajax and Kassandra.
Come to find out it’s just the story about a dude raping a girl. Welp, so much for that. I still really love the picture.
Some days, you just need a day.

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