There’s No Cure For That

I think its in the book of Colossians that Paul makes a reference to peace and says it is

“to which you were called”.

I confess I’ve been living without peace for a long time. I take responsibility for that. However, you guys know that statement “Time always heals the pain”?

There are two situations in my life I do not see time healing. I see time making these two things grow older. But not heal.

Recently I realized that the worst of the pain is here. I can try to numb it and forget it or I can face it head on. If I forget it then what will I have learned?  What will I have gained, if I just walk away?

I think sometimes we think its all been taken away. All our hopes and all our dreams. They’ve all been taken away so we need to go and create new ones. But what if old dreams really don’t die at all? I kind of think that Satan just likes to put them behind his back and make you think he’s shoved ’em down the garbage disposal but he doesn’t really have that power. Not really.

Maybe there is no cure for that. But how will you know for sure if you face away from the sun? And that’s the thing about sunflowers. They always face the sun. That way they don’t miss a thing.

Do you follow?

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