Heaven Is a Place On Earth

So I suppose the hipster in me doesn’t believe in making a New Year’s Resolution because

a) you’re just gonna fail at keeping it and
b) why can’t we just resolve to make changes all year round? Honestly, I think the 1st of the year is kind of just an excuse to do stuff we wouldn’t do otherwise. But what if it wasn’t like that? What if we aspired to cook more–lose weight–shop organic, all the time?

So without further ado here are some of my aspirations for this year (hey, they gotta go somewhere).

My grandparents got me a Soup cookbook for Christmas–back in November. My grandmother gently told me I need to learn how to cook for myself some time (before I’m in my 30’s) and really, how hard is it to mess up soup? It all goes in one pot anyway. Well, I think there is some wisdom in that. I can’t have McDonald’s every day (thank you, California) and there ain’t a damn thing wrong with being a little more self-sufficient.

Another Christmas gift I received–twice, actually–was a Hello Kitty sewing machine. One from my grandma and one from my mom. Again, approaching the topic of self-sufficiency, it would be nice to know if I needed a new purse I could just…ahem, make it. And doing it with Hello Kitty would make it more enjoyable. She’d keep me calm when I lose my shit over a broken thread. 🙂

Finally, take better care of my car. Sheila the Shaggin’ Wagon is getting up there in years and I was kind of awful at car maintenance with my last two cars, so this time I want to do better. That’s actually what I’m getting ready to do right now…and obviously stalling. I’m always afraid to go to the mechanic, the same way I’m afraid to go to the doctor. “Do I have mono?” is right up there with “Um…how much is this going to cost me?”



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