More Than I Can Bare

My little cousin is watching Scooby Doo in the other room and I’m sitting here sipping my coffee and watching the minutes go by.

So begins 2014.

As my blogging has ceased recently, so has all of my former senses of propriety, control, and morality. I don’t know guys….I’ve been on a kick. We’ll call it that.

There’s something therapeutic about blogging. You see your life for what it is–whatever it is–before you, and you have a better idea of where to go from there. I’ve missed that.

The most common misconception about blogging is that you have nothing to say. Often I think I have nothing to say because well…let’s be honest. I don’t go to school (the enemy) and I don’t go to church (also the enemy) and when I look at my Recently Watched list on YouTube it mostly consists of cat and otter videos so I mean really, do I have much to say?

Well, yeah. Maybe some day I will look back at what I’ve written and miss who I was. Or maybe I’ll be grateful I’m not this girl any more…but anyway. Let’s overthink together, shall we? 🙂

“Even then……I felt His voice take the sword out of my hand.”–Judah Ben-Hur

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