Into Space

It’s on my days where I have a lot to do I legitimately want to do nothing.

I can’t believe I have the entire weekend off. I work almost every day next week, so I’m sure that has something to do with it. It’s so easy to just stare off into space these days. Think of nothing, and no one, and just enter the zone. My dreams are quickly forgotten and I fall asleep right after.

We’re doing this thing at work where we create gift baskets for customers to purchase. I made 5 gift baskets yesterday that got put on display and one of my managers said to me, isn’t it a nice feeling when someone wants what you created? Yes, yes it is. 🙂

A lot of people are just ready for Christmas to be here. Let’s get it over with. Or, it’s too much trouble, good thing this is a once a year thing. I don’t know. I don’t really appreciate that negativity. I’m not saying we all need to watch Elf followed by kumbaya and candlelight. But I am saying it’s okay to just be happy.

Is that such a foreign subject?

I’ve kind of been thinking that the key to my own unhappiness can only be that I don’t think God is still God when I don’t like my circumstances. I’m sure Adam and Even may have felt a similar feeling when they were standing buck ass nude in the garden of Eden. Pondering what they’d done…what was to come. Well, what happens next? Is God still God, after all?

I don’t suppose He is. I know He is.

And I think that’s what this whole year has really been about. When you’re world is falling apart and you’re needed but not wanted–is God….God?

I have this feeling in my spirit. No need to rush, it says. It’s the end of the year…let’s not rush. Let’s just stare off into space.

To quote one of my favorite books as a child,

“It’s morning. It’s morning, and there’s so much to see.”

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