Just Singin’ in the Rain

I’d be in bed right now if I didn’t have laundry in the washer.

It’s been a busy week for me. I’m working over 30 hours this week, which is pretty good. Work gets busier and busier the closer we get to Christmas. I don’t mind it being busy. I’ve come to realize though that I–and only I–am responsible for my actions. Even when my actions aren’t responsible.

I thought it was weird today how I got on Pinterest (which I often frequent) and saw nothing but an ass load of Nelson Mandela quotes. I don’t think its right that we only talk about influential people when they die. That makes me question how influential they were to begin with, or if they were just a body for a name. I mean, the same goes for Paul Walker. Everyone is talking about what a kind man he was when he was alive–and yeah, he was. But how come we didn’t talk about that then? Like when he was breathing. I don’t know. Just something to keep in mind…people should be loved here and now.

Life’s been weird lately. I’ve been realizing God’s always got a plan b. And plan c. And plan d. Number 23:19 says God is not a man that he should lie. So whatever he has to fulfill for a person, he will. Why? Um…because He’s God. That’s why.

I think about the last guy I loved (deeply) and my parents divorcing. I think of Adam and Even in the garden of Eden. I’m sure God’s original plan was for them to grow old together there and frolic in the forests in love and blessings. However, plans have a way of going awry. Right? Things worked out anyway…but my point is this:

God has a plan B for my life. I didn’t end up with the man of my dreams. My parents didn’t end up together. But…

God. But God man! Think about it. He’s always got a plan B. And if that doesn’t work out, don’t you think he’s got a plan C? I mean we can pitch as many fits as we want but it wont change God and his good intentions.

I confess I have been lonely as of late. I’ve got friends at work and I talk to my mom often and my sister too. I’ve got my kitty Ruby who welcomes me back to my Aunt’s when I get back every day.

But I don’t know man. Someone told me that December is a month of victory. That’s awesome but personally, I’d like to just be over and done with this month.

My fortune cookie the other day said to be relieved because the holidays are almost over. I laughed at that.

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