For the Longest Time

It’s a lovely Saturday afternoon.

I’ve almost survived my first week of work, almost almost almost!

So far I like it. I’m mostly just checking people out (no pun intended) and talking to customers and learning where everything is. I feel like as soon as I learn one thing I’m tackling something else. I just hope I can learn everything anyone has ever had to learn ever in the history of Cost Plus before the holidays are under way. One of my co-workers was showing me how to do something and I kind of took the something from him and said I wanted to do it by myself, lol. Maybe I need to not be so dominating.

There just so happens to be a Walmart next door where I work that offers eye exams and coincidentally everything is so blurry lately. Bah! I’ve had perfect vision forever. Forever being 21 + years. But I don’t know, all of a sudden everything just seems so far away. I don’t want to wear glasses but who knows, they might be my ticket to a real date, lol.

It’s definitely humbling, being here at my aunt’s. I’m realizing I’m not the greatest person to live with. I’m realizing that being an adult means you still ask for help like you did as a teenager. Even when you avoid it and say no no no, I’m going to be an independent woman about this, God always has another plan. He constantly has me on my knees about this or that. I think that family is a ministry unto itself that I forgot about. I’m so used to loving strangers that I’ve forgotten how to love those closest to me. I don’t know–my pride hurts. And, to quote Mr. Spock,

“I am conflicted as I once was as a child.”

And for good measure,

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.”

One of these days I will meet a man (besides my father) who can quote Spock like I can.


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