I Was Thinking…

Earlier today about how we see ourselves as children of God.

I was thinking how I’ve seen myself in the past and how I see myself now.

It occurred to me that the thing we think we’ll never be is the thing that the Lord wants to make us.

The thing we say we’re not is the thing he says we are.

Over the summer I met up with a couple girlfriends for dinner. It was a few days before coming to San Diego. I confided in them that when I compared myself to other women I only saw how fearless they were–full of confidence, total trailblazers. It made me feel awful I couldn’t be like them.

One of my girls piped up, saying she’d always seen me possessing these qualities. She’d never NOT seen me as fearless and bold and wonderful.

And so today I got to thinking, the moment I say I’m not a thrill-seeker, Jesus is right besides me saying….

Yes you are.

And the moment I say I’m not a risk-taker, the Lord reminds me in a dream,

Yes, I am.

Can you imagine? Someone who loves you so much?

Things aren’t always as they seem. Some of the people I know, my only wish for them, is that when they look at themselves they’d see the men and women I see when I look at them. Life really would be different then.

One thought on “I Was Thinking…

  1. Identity. It's what propels us forward when we understand who we truly are, and what puts us into limbo or tailspin when our self-image is distorted.

    You, dear Annie, are indeed fearless and bold and wonderful!


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