Where It Takes Place

I was on my way to an interview the other day when, as luck would have it, my car wouldn’t start. I ended up calling my Grandpa who lives down the street from me and asking him to be my ride. He was a good sport about it–more than that. He was my knight in shining armor that day. I should have told him. He was joking in the car how his AC didn’t work so I had to deal with natural air. I asked him if he liked my new bangs and he said he did. I don’t know–it was a good day.

Sometimes life is just so damn ordinary. It’s getting a pedicure, courtesy of your aunt. It’s tweezing your cousin’s eyebrows. It’s taking your Grandma’s clothes and tearing them to pieces and designing a new outfit from the mess. It’s going for walks every day. And getting a farmer’s tan. It’s watching your hair grow a little longer each day It’s not always going to the beach like everyone suggests. It’s not always serving. It’s nothing special, but it’s there, it’s active, and it’s happening.

I believe my God has called me to live in the ordinary because that’s where the extraordinary happens. I think my gift may be to love others, and I’m dying to love. Just dying. I burst with it. I ooze with it. I marinade with it–ok, ok, you get the idea. I’m dying to love.

But how can I do that, without first seeing how deep the Father’s love for me?

And yet I cannot grasp it. Its gravity, its weight.

Where it all takes places.

What else? I’m getting ready to sew my Wilma Flintstone costume together for Halloween. I’m continuing to look for a job that I like (piercing friendly, sleeping in the mornings). You know I don’t worry as much as I used to. It’s weird. I used to worry about a lot of things. It’s not that I don’t care about things, because I do. I think I’m just starting to believe what it says in I John about being anointed. You know what you know, you know? It can’t be taken from you. It can’t be taken from me. This hope for things unseen.

A good friend told me recently that sometimes it’s okay to be afraid. Don’t be crushed by it. Its gravity, its weight. Just trust. You are anointed. You are His.

This is where it all takes places.

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