There and Back Again

I’m sitting here typing away on my greasy keyboard waiting for my laundry to be done. I’ve been listening to this endless loop of Get Lucky by Daft Punk for the last hour and I figured I ought to make a blog seeing how I slept so late into the day.

We came home from vacation today–me, my cousins, aunt, uncle, and grandpa. We spent the week in Big Bear. It was nice up there but not as cool as I expected it to be. I packed my flannels and all my pajama pants and I don’t think I really needed them ūüėõ

We woke up every morning around 8 a.m. and my grandpa made us a country breakfast (he’s from Georgia) and then we went on with our day. Let’s see….we visited the petting zoo, the regular zoo, the village, antique stores, mini golf, bowling alley, Denny’s. It was all fine and good however I’m happy to be home and sleep in my own, or rather, my cousin’s own bed.

I’ve decided that any pictures that just don’t make the cut on Facebook will wind there way up here, so here is a few from this week/past month.

my babies still in Arizona
 I just like this wall
¬†antique shopping. This is dated between 50’s-80’s
 at the petting zoo

¬†you must be new here….
¬†okay look closely…it’s a sleeping raccoon.
  missing my precious baby
 Within a day of being in Big Bear my skin was totally clear, and my eyes looked a little bluer.
¬†God is teaching me a lot about trust and faith. I don’t think you can have one without the other. He’s also teaching me a lot about righteousness and how, he is my righteousness. I think he’s telling me this because¬†ever since I got here I’ve been hella insecure about starting over, hunting for a job, a new crew, etc. and in my heart I have these crazy desires and God is just like hey man I care about those too and I’m like yeah I know you do but I’m feeling a little batshit crazy. Lol…God is good.
I’ll write again soon! XOXOXOX

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