So I guess you could say I’m officially here.

I left my house in AZ yesterday at about 9:30-10 a.m.ish and after stopping a couple times got to my aunt’s at 5 p.m. When I got here my car was on empty which gave me anxiety because I didn’t know where the nearest gas station was. Thankfully after dinner my cousins showed me the local 7-11. I think I’m going to need to practice driving here at night. I’m not used to the San Diego streets. Everything is a hill and I drive a station wagon so I think the bottom of my car hits every bump in the road, lol.

I haven’t visited my grandparents, seen my mom, looked for a job, or done much of anything yet. I slept most of the night and I feel ready to go back to bed.

When we went out for dinner last night (Cheesecake Factory) I wore a sweater and shorts and it was around 70 degrees out and I was freezing. It’s hard to believe I’m from California originally when I’m having to climatize all over again, lol. No more 100 degree nights me.

So what happens next? I guess just try to resume the routine I had back in AZ. Wake up, exercise, eat, talk to my friends read the Word look for work. I know what I need to do but there’s a lot of static, if you will, going on in my brain right now.

Okay, hopefully I’ll get some pictures going on up in here soon. Definitely after vacation next week.


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